How To Keep Kajal Smudge-Free

Be that expert MUA and polish your skills to master the art of skill application. 

If you are just starting out, this is the article for you. Our expert tips will perfect your skills and you no longer have to fear the uneven or smudged kajal application. Henceforth, you don’t have to ditch a dashing look fearing sweat, humidity, or long work hours. With our step-by-step guide and insider knowledge, you'll soon be able to achieve that flawless kajal look that lasts all day, making your eyes the epitome of beauty. 

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Let's dive in and unlock the secrets to perfecting your kajal game. 

Why does kajal smudge?

Kajal smudging can be frustrating, especially when you've put in the effort and followed the rules for flawless makeup to set the right color-perfected base for the eye makeup. 

Let's decode why this occurs.

 Check the quality and ingredients of the kajal product to see if it contains excess oils or waxes leading to smudging.

If your skin type is oily or sweaty, the kajal is more likely to smudge.Additionally, rubbing or touching your eyes can cause the kajal to smudge, so it's essential to be mindful throughout the day.

To combat smudging, it's crucial to choose the right kajal brand. 

    Let's delve into these techniques to keep your kajal smudge-free.

    Prepping your eyes for long-lasting kajal

    Here are some steps you can follow to prepare your eyelids before applying kajal:

    • Cleanse and moisturize: Start by cleansing your face and removing any excess oil or makeup residue. Apply a lightweight moisturizer to keep your eyelids hydrated without making them greasy. Well-hydrated eyelids provide a smooth surface for kajal application.
    • Prime your eyelids: Apply a thin layer of eyeshadow primer or a matte eyeshadow on your eyelids that goes well with your skin tone. A primer prevents creasing and enhances the finishing.
    • Set with powder: Dust a translucent or matte eyeshadow powder over your eyelids to set the primer and reduce any oil. From here on, you are ready to go.

    Applying kajal for smudge-free results

    Now that your eyes are prepped and ready, it's time to apply the kajal. Follow these steps for a smudge-free kajal application:

    • Start with a thin line: Begin by drawing a thin line along your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and moving towards the outer corner. Use short, light strokes to create a precise line. Avoid applying too much pressure, as it can cause the kajal to smudge.
    • Tightline your eyes: To make your lashes appear fuller and your eyes more defined, tightline your upper waterline. Gently lift your eyelid and apply the kajal eyeliner between the roots of your lashes. This technique ensures that the kajal stays close to the lash line and prevents smudging.
    • Smudge-proof your lower lash line: To avoid smudging on the lower lash line, apply a thin line of kajal on the outer two-thirds of the lower lash line. Avoid lining the inner corner, as this area is more prone to smudging. Alternatively, you can use an eyeshadow powder or a waterproof eyeliner to line the lower lash line for added smudge resistance.

    Tips for preventing kajal smudging throughout the day

    To keep your kajal looking fresh and smudge-free all day long, consider these additional tips:

    • Set with eyeshadow: After applying your kajal, gently pat a matching eyeshadow shade over it to prevent it from transferring or smudging. Level up the definitions and overall appearances, making it simply remarkable.
    • Touch Me Not: Try not to rub or touch your eyes throughout the day, as this can cause the kajal to smudge. If you need to itch or rub your eyes, use a clean tissue or cotton swab.
    • Use a setting spray: Finish off your makeup routine with a setting spray. A setting spray creates a protective barrier over your makeup. Look for a setting spray that is specifically designed for eye makeup.

    Voila! You have now unlocked the secret techniques and popular products. Achieve a smudge-free kajal look that lasts all day.

    With practice, you'll soon master the art of keeping your kajal smudge-free, giving you the confidence to rock any look.

    Say goodbye to raccoon eyes and hello to flawless, long-lasting kajal.