I am Kairavi, the founder of Typsy Beauty and a makeup influencer on Instagram, follow me at @typsyprincess

I am delighted to be able to share my dream of creating a beauty brand which stands for quality, innovation, authenticity and inclusivity on every level and would love for you to become a part of the Typsy Tribe.

Typsy Beauty is India‚Äôs first ever conceptual beauty brand and aims to bring innovation into every product that we create, from ideation to when it‚Äôs finally in your hands. Each product has a story to tell and a problem to solve. From Dual eye liners that combine the benefits of a felt tip and an ultra-black kajal to our 3D Highlighters with never-before-seen packaging, our products are the definition of ‚ÄėFun yet Functional‚Äô.

My journey with makeup did not start on such a glam note. I was diagnosed with depression five years ago and make up became my armour to get me through the mental fog. Experimenting with all kinds of beauty products, I created new avatars and personalities that became a creative and fun escape from the overwhelming thoughts in my head. Little did I know then; that this escape could one day become my future business and I am nothing but grateful for it.

I started Typsy Beauty with a purpose to bring not only superb international quality makeup to the Indian consumer but to also create a strong community that brings a sense of belonging and inclusivity for everyone. A community that celebrates everything that makes you, YOU.

From my head, to hopefully your hearts, Typsy Beauty is now here for the world to see.



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