Different Strokes

Winged eyeliner is never out of fashion. It just keeps coming back in different avatars. Some of them may look daunting to achieve, but try and you will soon be a pro. After all, practice makes one perfect, right?

Even after years of wearing eyeliner, your hand can still be shaky. But you are not the only one. Getting the right product is half the battle won. Yes, of course, knowing the eye shapes and eyeliner strokes add to your skill but what pulls it all together is the confidence with which you wear those dramatic eyeliner looks. For instance, if your liner gets jagged or uneven, simply blend, blend and blend (blending is our cardio!!) to create that smokin’ hot smoldering eyes. It’s all about making makeup your second skin and getting your hands to cooperate and complement your eye shape with the right eyeliner.

Your Best Playmate

We are thrilled with our Double Shot Kajal Pen + Liquid Liner. This innovative, best-seller doubles up as kajal and eyeliner by rolling them into one.

Felt tip side:  The applicator is designed in a way that making a wing or the trendy inner corner flick becomes super easy! The product glides on smoothly and swiftly without any uneven lines.

Kajal side: Use this on the eyelid or waterline. To achieve a sultry look, blend it out till it looks smokey. Work fast as once it dries down, its absolutely budge proof.

Reading Your Eyes

Did you ever hear that your eye shape can’t pull off the winged eyeliner look? Let’s debunk that right here, right now. Whether, you have hooded eyes, small eyes, narrow eyes or any other shape, we have a winged-liner look for you.

  • Hooded Eyes: If you are not able to see the crease of your eyelids, that means you have hooded eyes. And yes, you can channel a winged eye. Keep the strokes thick and sharp at the outer corners of the eye and bold across the upper lash-line. This makes the eye look dramatic and you needn’t worry about keeping the line thin. Start from the outer corner of the lid’s hood by creating the outer wing tip and then move inwards to define the upper eyelids. Keep the eyes open to see how the lines are shaping up.
  • Round Eyes: If you are able to see around the iris of your eye on both the upper and lower portion, that means you have round eyes. Keep your eyes open when drawing the liner across the eyelid. Apply the liner inwards, stopping at the center of your lid where your pupil is when you’re looking straight ahead. Draw a line towards the outer corner for the perfect winged liner look.
  • Almond Eyes: If your eyes are oval-shaped with narrow corners, you likely have almond-shaped eyes. The best part about almond eyes is the lid space, as you can make the most of it. The winged eyeliner styles that make use of the upper and lower lash lines is a great choice. With larger eye shapes, adding definition to the upper and lower lash lines with a dark liner pigmentwill make the eyes look sharp and instantly make your whole makeup look pop. Draw the liner close to the lash line from the inner to outer corner. Then flick it out, stopping at the tip where the crease starts. Line the lower eyelid as well and then join the line to the outer flick.
  • Small Eyes: An edgy, dramatic winged liner is just your perfect match. Consider painting the entire eye lidswith the liner and ensure the wings are sharp. Use our felt tip liner to define the eyes and then apply kajal to blend it all in.