Typsy Tips to Slay the Date-Night Look

Why wear makeup if you want to keep it subtle? Go all out. Wing that liner, add drama to your lashes, pop the pout and ooze confidence. Remember date nights and makeup looks should be fun, so go ahead and break some rules. Here are some nudges to get you going. 

Don’t Doubt – Yourself and Your Makeup

Before anything else trash your inhibitions and fears. How? Engage with your makeup tools and colour cosmetics. Wear makeup like your armour. Dress up even when you don’t have to show up. Swipe on that red lipstick, even if you have to cover it with the mask. Spritz on a perfume before joining the Zoom call. Do what you like. Create your own rules. Get your life and makeup in your control.

Let Your Eyes Talk

The winged liner or the smokey-eyes look are always a hit. However, if you have aced these, it’s time to double wing it. There are several variations of this look but the twist that we like is the striking double winged liner where one line extends across the upper lashline and flicks out at the outer corner and the other line extending from the lower lashline and winging out at the outer corner. Typsy Beauty Double Shot is the best partner to nail the look.

Drama In Your Lashes

If you thought that the double wing liner is drama, then think again. Amp it up with Typsy Beauty After Party What The FauX! False Lashes in After Party by Kairavi. This dramatic pair of eyelashes suited for evenings out. The lashes are flared from inside to out to create added intensity and show. With proper care these lashes can be worn up to 20 times.

Pout Perfect

Lebo Grand, “There’s power in the words that come out of your mouth. Now imagine those words coming out of your red-lipsticked mouth. They have even more power.” True that, there is arguably nothing more sizzling than a bright red lip. You may have been told that keep the rest of your makeup look simple. But we say why? If you can pull of the drama, then why not? While red is the ultimate choice, there is something extra bold about a deep burgundy lip. We have both the options for you with Typsy Beauty Happy Hour 2 for 1 Mini Lipstick Red Set with Red Red Wine and Spice Girl.